Nepal is a landlocked country situated in South Asia surrounded by Indian Territory on its east, west and southern border and Tibetan border on the north and is famous for its natural beauty of Himalayas and Mountaind. Mt.Everest, the highest peak of the world which records height of 8,848 meters, the birth place of Lord Buddha and the brave Gorkhas who fought the world war 1st and 2nd are some good examples to mane as few for our country’s pride. The whole country id full of tamples and Buddhist Stupas, which make it a major attraction for tourists.

Nepalese are friendly and come from different races and cultures with unity in diversity. People of Nepal are considered as very laborious and sincere. Nepalsese are considered as hard working, loyal and having high sense of responsibility and descipline. Another major reason for employing Nepalese workers is they are more cost effective and their employing cost is lower as compared to other labour exportig countries. Nepalese even in the extreme of climatic conditions.