We are a manpower agency which has been helping the candidates find job as per their qualifications, skills and interests. Recruitment procedure at Moon Human Resource Pvt. Ltd. is efficient as we select the candidates and train them to the highest levels. We position Nepalese Human Resources to countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Malaysia and so forth. Foreign employers must meet a few specific procedures to recruit workers from Nepal, as set by the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of Nepal. The recruiting procedure goes as follows:


Formal Documentation

Demand Letter

Power of Attorney

Guarantee Letter

Agency Agreement

Employment Agreement


Verification of Documents

Documents are a necessity in today’s business world. For the verification process, all the documents presented to us are submitted to Department of Foreign Employment (DOFE), Ministry of Labor and Employment, Government of Nepal.   In some cases, the DOFE may directly contact to the employer/company. We humbly request you to answer the enquiry in the most possible polite manner.


Vacancy Announcement, Interview and Screening

Once the permission is granted by the DOFE, the vacancy announcement will be published, interviews will be taken and the potential candidates will be thus selected.


Medical Check – Up

The candidates must go to the authorized institution to get his/her health medical check – up done. The result of the examination shall decide the confirmation of VISA.


VISA Process

A positive result of the medical check – up examination shall verify the eligibility of visa processing.



Once the VISA is confirmed, the candidates will be oriented about the cultures, rules and regulations, religions, language and policies of the country or state that they are travelling to.


Travel Arrangements

The air tickets can be provided either by PTA or local purchase to avoid delay. In all case, we sent all the visa endorsements, passport to the concerned airlines to confirm the schedule flight from Nepal to the nearest airport of the working site. The company provides the Airport assistance in Nepal for departing Jobseekers and informs the employer of their departure through fax, email or telephone 12 to 24 hours before the departure. 

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