Labor Relations

Pearl HR Solutions has worked with over 100 organizations from different fields.  We support the needs of employees for a safe and productive workplace and employee engagement, while bringing the value of employees and goals of management into an organized alliance.

HR Consulting

HR has an ability to support a wide range of business models and workforce. Pearl HR Solutions is involved in building, smoothening and strengthening the manpower capabilities of any business firm. We help in delivering the best outcome through our functional solutions.

Selection and Recruitment

We take a great care to recruit and train staffs to the highest levels. While selecting our candidates, we conduct multiple applicant screenings, background checks and work-based reference confirmation. We recruit right person to the right job ensuring the successful future of both our clients and candidates.

VISA processing

Under this arrangement, we provide the candidates with VISA procedures to guarantee that every measure is conveyed efficiently and that everything gets done in time, as it is supposed to be. We are professionally experienced in the field that chops down pointless wastage of time and spares extra endeavors. Our VISA procedures are precise and follow effective measures.

Ticketing and Reservation

Despite the arrangement of VISA processing, Pearl HR Solutions is also involved in the arrangement of flight ticketing and reservation procedures for selected candidates. We ensure that every process is carried out orderly and timely.


Pearl HR Solutions always conducts formal interviews in order to select the best and skilled candidates. We guarantee that our recruited staffs will end up being the best resource for your organization in future. During the interview phase, the applicants are verbally asked a set of questions and are examined if they meet the requirements or not. 

Employment Opportunities

We aim to provide employment opportunities to candidates on national and international level. Since our establishment, we have catered in continuously delivering human resources from Nepal to foreign industries. We take a great care to recruit and train staffs to the highest levels. Also, various factors are considered while employing our candidates such as policies, rules and regulations.

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